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Grays Tuition Centre is here to help pupils gain confidence and self esteem to

reach their potential by achieving the best grades in their exams.


We strongly believe that the best way to help our youth succeed in their lives is to

focus in their basic foundation in their studies.


Only with a strong foundation will the building blocks of success be stacked

securely opening our students to a wide range of opportunities and experiences in

the future.



Our Aim:


Our focus is on the traditional teaching method, where our tutors are available to offer help on all the core subjects at school.


We strongly believe that education is better passed down from teacher to student rather than from machines.


Our students are encouraged to blossom at their own pace in a comfortable environment where our dedicated staff help nurture their progress in their academic studies.



Subjects & Qualifications:


English, Maths & Science

Keys Stage 1,2&3, GCSE, A-Levels & 11+



Our Classes:

Our classes are only 3 - 4 students per teacher

Each child has their own lesson structure prepared by the tutor

"A new study has revealed that studying in small classes can give an extra boost

to low-achieving students and significantly improve their test scores"

[Michigan State University]






Mock Exams

16-19th Feb 2015



GCSE Maths Intensive Course

30th Mar - 9th Apr 2015






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