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  • Reward Scheme for younger children


  • Only 3-4 Students per teacher


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Your Child's Learning Problems can be solved

Grays Tuition Centre - Welcome


Grays Tuition Centre is here to help pupils gain confidence and self-esteem to reach their potential by achieving the best grades in their exams.



Grays Tuition Centre is run by a team of dedicated teachers with many years of experience in guiding students to achieve outstanding results.


  Thurrock Business Awards 2014 FINALISTS





















What we are all about:



Great, experienced tutors

Relaxed atmosphere to study

Achieve best results possible

Your education is our priority

Special needs students welcome


Teamwork activities  

Underachievers become achievers

Individual and group learning

Teachers are experienced

Individual tailored program

Ofsted registered

Note books and excercise books provided by centre free of charge


CRB checked tutors

Eleven Plus (11+) taught

No cancellation fee*

Tutors are all experienced

Reward scheme for students

Early GCSE option provided



  We are Ofsted registered



 All tutors are CRB checked



Fire safety compliant premises


First Aid approved tutors present at all time

























The lower a person's qualifications, the more likely they are to be low paid.  For example, half of employees aged 25 to 29 with no GCSES at grade C or above were paid less than 7 pounds per hour in 2009 compared to one in ten of those with degrees or equivalent.  All levels of qualifications appear to make a noticeable difference compared with the level below.


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Educational News



Slow starting pupils don't catch up, league tablesshow (BBC News)


GCSE results 'dip during World Cup summers' (BBC News)


Calculators in schools: Pupils face limits (BBC News)


Strugggling pupils don't catch up, data shows (BBC News)


GCSEs in four key subjects to be made tougher (BBC News)



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 " Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever " Gandhi


Grays Tuition Centre

4 weeks 11 Plus Intensive Course - August 2014. Book by June 15th

Grays Tuition Centre is now registered with OFSTED as an activity based childcare premises.


  • If your employer issues you Childcare Vouchers then you may use them to pay for tuition. This means you can save 30% or 40% in tax and national insurance.
  • Also if you are eligible to receive Childcare Element of Working Families Tax Credit, then you can get help to claim up to 70% of the tuition cost back as childcare payments. This will bring the tuition cost down to as little as 3.00 per hour!

Contact your employer or the Tax Credit Helpline for more information.